Elf Bar Apple Peach is a disposable e-cigarette that provides you with a quality vaping experience. It comes with a prefilled 2ml e-liquid pod and has a built-in 550mAh battery.

It offers a mouth to lung inhale and is simple to use, with no buttons and draw-activated operation. This makes it a great option for beginners.

Easy to use

A convenient solution to your nicotine cravings, the Apple Peach Elf Bar Pod device is prefilled with 2ml of nicotine salt flavour for ease of use. It comes with a 360mAh battery and each pod can deliver up to 600 puffs. It also provides a smooth throat hit that is free of irritation and discomfort, which can be an important factor if you’re new to vaping.

This disposable device is perfect for newcomers and first-time switchers thanks to its simple design and zero maintenance requirements. It is inhale activated, and has a mouth-to-lung inhale that will feel more natural for those used to smoking cigarettes.

It’s portable and easy to carry, so you can bring it with you on your travels, commuting or on nights out. The QUAQ coil builds in a mesh style and helps to create fuller flavour by heating the e-liquid faster. It’s available in a range of fruit, candy, drink and menthol flavours so you can find your favourite.

Refreshing flavour

Elf Bar Apple Peach is the perfect flavour for those who enjoy fruity e-liquids. This draw-activated disposable vape has a fresh and juicy taste that will leave you satisfied with every puff. With 20mg of nicotine salt e-liquid, it provides a smooth throat hit and a satisfying sensation.

Elf bars come in a wide range of flavours including sweet fruits, refreshing beverages, and classic tobaccos. You can also find a range of more indulgent options such as creamy vanilla and invigorating mints.

Each kit contains a rechargeable battery, a pre-filled pod, and a protective case. All you need to do is remove the protective case and vape away! The draw-activated system makes this disposable vape device incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. It also prevents leaks and spills thanks to its leak-proof design. This kit is also incredibly portable, allowing you to take it wherever your day takes you. This convenient, hassle-free device will make your vaping experience much more enjoyable.

Long-lasting vapor

This Apple Peach flavour disposable vape from Elf Bar has a fruity blend of apples and peaches. Its smooth finish makes it a perfect all-day vape. Elf Bar also has a wide range of other fruity flavours for you to try!

This disposable device can produce up to 600 puffs, and it is pre-loaded with 2ml of 20mg nic salt e-liquid. Its long-lasting battery and sleek design make it the ideal choice for new vapers or those looking to switch from smoking.

The Apple Peach disposable vape is a simple and affordable way to start your vaping journey. Its compact, portable design is easy to use and requires no maintenance or refilling. Just remove it from its packaging, remove the silicone cap from the mouthpiece and inhale. Be sure to dispose of used devices properly. This will help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. The device is made of plastic and can be disposed of in the trash or recycling bin.

Easy to clean

Designed for the vaper on the go, Elf Bar Apple Peach comes with a handy prefilled pod that delivers a satisfying vaping experience. Featuring a blend of crisp green apples and succulent juiciness of ripe peaches, each inhale releases luscious flavour notes that indulge the senses.

The disposable device can be tossed into your bag or pocket to enjoy on the go without any fuss. It doesn’t require refilling or recharging and the QUAQ Mesh coil ensures smooth flavour that lasts for hours.

Each disposable pod is filled with a 20mg nicotine salt-based eliquid. Nicotine salts produce a smoother throat hit and absorb faster to soothe cravings quickly. This makes the Elf Bar Cigalike ideal for smokers looking to make a smooth transition to vaping. With a range of popular fruit, drink, and menthol flavours, there’s an Elf Bar to suit every palate. Discover the full range on Haypp now.