Bomb Lux Mamba is a convenient and easy-to-use disposable vape pod. It has a 5ml pre-filled e-juice capacity and a 1200mAh battery that offers 2800 puffs. Its draw-activated firing system makes it easy to use.

It has many different flavors and is available at a reasonable price. The device blinks when it has run out of e-liquid or battery power.


The Bomb Lux Mamba is one of the most versatile disposable vapes available. It comes in a variety of delicious flavors and has a 1200mAh battery that offers up to 2800 puffs. It also features a 6.5ml pre-filled pod with tasty e-liquid. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who wants to avoid nicotine but still enjoy top-notch flavor and clouds.

This disposable vape is very easy to use and has a draw-activated firing mechanism. You just need to place your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale. The device can be used anywhere and anytime, and it’s easy to carry around. It also has a sleek design and a luxurious feel. It’s available in 22 different flavors, so you can find the perfect one for your tastes and preferences. Some of the most popular flavors include Black Ice, Blue Razz, Grape Soda, Mamba, Mint Ice, Mango Grape, Mixed Berries, and Pineapple Lemonade. It even has a 0% nicotine option for those who don’t want to deal with the addictiveness of nicotine.


Bomb Lux Mamba is a sleek, disposable vaping device that delivers 2800 puffs. With a 5ml e-liquid capacity and 5% nicotine strength, this device is ideal for vapers who want to enjoy delicious and satisfying flavors on the go. It also features a 1200mAh non-rechargeable battery for long-lasting performance.

The Bomb Lux Mamba offers a variety of mouthwatering flavors. From the refreshing burst of fruit to the indulgence of dessert-inspired blends, this brand has something for every vaper’s palate. Some of the most popular flavors include Apple Peach, Banana Smoothie, Bazoo Gum, Blue Razz, Candy Pop, French Vanilla, Grape Soda, Lush Ice, and Tobacco.

Each Bomb LUX device contains 50mg/ml (5%) of salt-based nicotine. This amount is equivalent to 14 packs of cigarettes by volume, and should last for two weeks for the average pack-a-day smoker. The device is pre-filled and pre-charged, so it’s ready to use straight out of the package. To activate the device, simply inhale through the mouthpiece.

Battery life

The Bomb Lux disposable pod vape is one of the most elegant and efficient disposables on the market. It has a sleek design and offers 2800 puffs. It also features a 6.5ml e-liquid capacity and 5% nicotine strength. Its 1200mAh battery provides plenty of power to last all day long. It’s easy to use and is an excellent choice for on-the-go vaping.

The device is draw-activated and is designed to shut off automatically when the e-liquid runs out or the battery power is depleted. It’s also more discreet than other types of e-cigarettes, as it doesn’t produce smoke or odor.

The disposable is available in 22 different flavors, and has an eye-catching design that is sure to impress. It’s also more portable than a standard electronic cigarette, making it easier to carry in your pocket. The device is a great option for people who are new to vaping or want to try out new flavors without investing in a full-sized kit.


If your device blinks when you try to vape, it’s time to replace it. This means it’s either out of e-liquid or the battery is dead. If you want to get your hands on a new device, Mr Smokey’s has a variety of flavors available for you to choose from.

These products are made to meet the needs of different people, including vapers on the go. They are also very durable and come with a large e-liquid capacity. In addition, they can be used for a long period of time.

Bomb LUX disposable vapes come in several mouthwatering flavors, such as Black Ice, Blue Razz, French Vanilla, Lush Ice, Mango Grape, Mixed Berries, Pineapple Lemonade, and Strawberry Melon. These flavors can be purchased online or in our stores. They can also be returned within 7 days of purchase. This is a great option for those who are looking to save money and avoid the hassle of refilling their devices.